Our story.

After helping build the Microsoft web platform, we've decided to get out there and use it to make a big difference for real world apps.

Since 2008, we've put our ideas to work to help companies solve their toughest web problems. We are really good at it. We love doing it. We are going to do a whole lot more of it.

Mike Volodarsky

During his 5 years at Microsoft, Mike was the Program Manager for the ASP.NET 2.0 and IIS 7.0 products, responsible for the core infrastructure, security, caching, the integrated pipeline, AppCmd, and more features then he cares to admit. Leaving Microsoft shortly after shipping IIS 7.0 in Windows Server 2008, Mike founded LeanServer to help unlock the full potential of the platform for real world applications. In addition to being LeanServer's chief architect, Mike also writes code ... a lot of code. You can see more about Mike's work on his blog mvolo.com.

Marvin Li
Director of Product Development

Prior to joining LeanServer, Marvin was the founding developer and VP of Engineering at vevo.com, the web's largest music video platform. Under his leadership, Marvin's team built and launched VEVO in less than 6 months, and continued to grow it into a leading music destination on the web. Marvin lends his hands-on experience with building large scale web applications, and animal-like instincts for building software that makes sense, to helping LeanServer build systems that are as simple as they are effective.

Get in touch with us.

Contact us at: info@leanserver.com