Want to work in an awesome office space?

We just expanded our office and have some space to share in our awesome Mainline building, located 1 block from the Ardmore R5 stop.

Are you a professional Philly-area developer or designer who needs a quiet office space to work on your freelance projects? You'll want to check this out.

The space

The building roof opens.

We are not kidding. Also, we have trees inside the building and a clean, green, and airy office.

And a ping pong table.

View in from the courtyard.


View out to the courtyard.

Spot 1.

Spot 2.

Spot 3.

To apply

We want to surround ourselves with professionals who excel at their work.

If you are a freelance software developer or designer, and want to work in a quiet, green, and airy office space with others like yourself, email us below.

There are 4 spots available. Price is 250-275/month with no commitment, includes utilities and internet, bring your own computer/hardware. We'll throw in additional monitors first come first serve.

To apply/set up a viewing, email a short description of what you do to support@leanserver.com.

Who are we?

We are LeanServer, a startup developing performance technologies for some of the largest web sites in the world.

We also make LeanSentry, an expert monitoring and troubleshooting service for Windows servers.