An enterprise grade file upload engine

"MySpace handles more than 35M video and photo uploads a month. By using ScaleUP, MySpace eliminated broken uploads and reduced our upload farm from 260 servers down to just 45" - Ryan French, Director of Media Engineering, MySpace, Inc.

ScaleUP provides:

  • Massive scalability

  • Up to 20x faster uploads

  • Unlimited upload size

  • Comprehensive features including

    AJAX support


    progress reporting



    , and

    multiple file uploads

ScaleUP delivers up to 20x higher upload speed and excellent upload times, preventing timeouts and user disconnects under load

Upload Time of 3MB File

ScaleUP solves all common upload challenges for web applications.

ScaleUP Vs The Competition
Upload Size Unlimited Can upload 5Gb, 10Gb or 100Gb files directly into any application regardless of its upload limit (1). Limited to 2GbASP.NET and other frameworks limited to 2Gb for standard HTTP uploads.
Speed Up to 20x fasterSupercharges upload speeds and keeps them high under load. Degrades under loadUpload speeds plummet under load.
Reliability Excellent reliability under loadMaintains upload stability and fairness even under high load. Timeouts and user disconnectsHigher load and/or slow clients cause degraded upload rates, timeouts and user disconnects.
Application Impact Enhances application performanceEliminates thread starvation due to uploads, and reduces server resource utilization to significantly enhance application performance. Poor performance, thread starvationHigh disk/memory impact and thread starvation from blocking uploads degrades and frequently deadlocks applications.
Scalability 1000s of active uploads on a single serverScaleUP reduces the operational costs of supporting web uploads by handling significantly more uploads with fewer servers. Severely limitedDoes not scale to many concurrent uploads due to high resource impact and thread starvation, requiring many more servers.
Application Support Works with any existing applicationScaleUP instantly enables enhanced uploads in any existing ASP.NET, ASP, PHP or other IIS 7.0 compatible application with little or no code changes. Varies by Application FrameworkEach application framework poses different upload limitations. Existing upload solutions are framework-specific.


System Requirements

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Our customers love ScaleUP.

"ScaleUP is a one-of-a-kind product which has allowed CityTwist to empower our customers to interact with previews of their data files while the same files are still uploading in the background. We investigated several solutions before deciding on ScaleUP, but none provided the flexibility and performance that ScaleUP brings us." - Scott Shapiro, CIO, Visionamics/CityTwist.

If you are serious about web uploads, ScaleUP pays for itself in less than a year.


$299per server Up to 10 concurrent uploads.
  • Get the best upload solution at an even better price.
  • Future proof, easily handle more uploads when traffic grows.
  • Ideal for sites with low upload traffic.
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$899per server Up to 125 concurrent uploads
$799 for each additional 100 concurrent uploads.
  • Save $1000 per year on server costs now, more savings as you grow.
  • Ideal if your uploads are slow, unreliable, or are degrading web site performance.
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Contact us for pricing Thousands of concurrent uploads on a single server.
  • Huge cost savings by drastically reducing number of servers in your upload farm.
  • Ideal for large sites with dedicated upload server farms.
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Load Test: ScaleUP Vs. ASP.NET

Keep the application working

Application Latency on ASP.NET and ScaleUP

Uploads frequently have a negative impact on the rest of the application, due to thread starvation inflicted by longer-running uploads consuming all available application threads.

In results shown, ASP.NET application pages experience slow response time (14s) at 10 uploads, and unacceptable application response time (>20s) at 75 uploads.

By contrast, ScaleUP isolates the application from upload impact, keeping the application response time healthy.

ScaleUP scales to over 5,000 concurrent uploads while preserving application response times and acceptable upload speeds.

Keep uploads fast

Time to Upload a 3mb using Scaleup and

Today, upload performance degrades drastically with load, causing poor upload rates and eventually timeouts/user disconnects.

In results shown, ASP.NET upload speed degrades quickly, becoming unacceptable due to errors and low speeds (<20KB/s) at around 1000 uploads.

ScaleUP's efficient preload engine maintains excellent upload speeds and begins degrading slightly at 2000 uploads, remaining acceptable all the way up to 5000 uploads

ScaleUP enables 50%+ server reduction for upload-intensive applications, resulting in significant hardware and operational cost savings.

For more on ScaleUP and why we built it, see Enabling Fast, Reliable, and Super-Scalable Uploads in ASP.NET and PHP Applications and Brief History of Web Uploads.